About Nugato

Welcome to Nugato! I have wanted to get this site up and running since 2007. There has been a lot of talk completing it, but I have always procrastinated and never took the time to finsih the site. I am glad you visited! I have been a huge fan of underground hip hop since I first heard Blackalicious Blazing Arrow in 2002. Since then, I have found a ton of other music that I really enjoy. I am from Minnesota and was lucky to have the Rhymesayers record label based in Minneapolis. They provided a good foundation of hip hop for me to listen to and seeing them in concert, I got to learn about many other artists.

The goal of the site is to provide underground hip hop fans, you, a one stop shop to keep track of your favorite artists and learn about other artists from other users of the site. I have spent many hours going from label web page to label web page looking for any announcements for tours, albums, news, etc. I want to provide you an easier way to get this done. Just sign up for the site and give us your zip code. Login and then you can browse artists and 'Follow' them. We will then send you an email if they tour in your city or when they release a new album. The site has links to the artists homepage, blog, twitter, and facebook. There are also links to itunes and amazon to buy the albums directly from the site.

There have been many people that I need to thank for helping out with the site. Brian E for the design, Peter A for helping me get the front end of this site moving along, Corey C for the domain name, Kelly G for putting up with me, my MN crew and my OB crew for going to shows, getting me t-shirts, coozies, and stickers to promote the site, and all the artists for putting out great music and taking pictures with me.

In the future, we would like to have much more functionality for you guys to take advantage of such as...